August 22, 2011

Self drafted pattern - batwing shirt

I'm attempting to draft a pattern...

It seems like the trend is the batwing sleeves. They're everywhere!
I found this shirt at Target.
It's so cute, but when I see it, it seems like such a simple pattern!!
Two pieces - back & front, semi-circle (although the shoulder is a little slanted), with a little seam around the waist.

I used one of the t-shirt as a template. Then from the shoulder, I made the sleeves in semi-circle... I drafted the side seam, but I think I'll just need to wing it after I sew the pieces together.

This is just the back piece... I'll cut 2 pieces like this, and will cut the neck lower.

This is the front piece. I cut the neck a little lower than the back.
I matched it on my shoulder, and it seems like the result will be what I'm looking for. :)
I can't wait to start sewing this!
If I am successfully able to make this, I'll upload the pattern & tutorial. It's simple enough. :)
There're so many free patterns/tutorials on the net that have helped me.
I hope I can return the favor. :)

I just ordered a whole bunch of knit fabric from They were having a massive knit sale, that alot of them were $2.50-$2.99/yd. I was gonna make another peachy-beachy cover up, try their new fringe tie shirt, another maxi-length dress and maybe this batwing shirt. Hopefully it turns out well! :)

It's a deal compared to $25 Target shirt!

Is it just me... or is it more fun picking the fabrics and debating what to make with them, compared to actual making process...
Now I've ordered the fabrics, I feel like the fun is done. :p


So, here's the finished product.
After sewing the neck binding, I thought it was too long overall, so I cut the sleeve/hem length by about 1in.
I think I should've left it the way it was...
After hemming the edges it got so much shorter.
I'm pretty happy with the sleeve length, but I should've kept the hem.

Also, I think this pattern should be made in patterned fabric.
When it's solid, it looks like I'm just wearing a poncho!
I had to add a necklace in order to make it a little interesting.
I would probably finish edges with rolled hem next time...
Whenever I serge & straight stitch, it always ends up wavy. :(
It'll probably look more neater in rolled hem.

Hopefully I can make a tutorial next time I make this.
I'm just waiting for more fabric to arrive...

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