August 21, 2011

v1152 dress - pretty much done

Here's the "almost finished" v1152 dress.
It's almost finished, because I still need to hem the bottom but broke my needle on my serger and can't continue. :(

So here's my review which I'll post on as well, but since I write too much, I'll write a long version on this blog.

First of all I just LOVE LOVE LOVE this dress.
I just love everything about it. How girly it looks, small details, and the best of all I love this puffed sleeves.
When you think of puffed sleeves, you'd think of "princess" - but this is a little slouchy that it makes it look more modern and not as fairytale-ish.
I really want to use this sleeves on some other patterns, like a simple t-shirt with maybe few gatherings around the neck.

I had the love & hate relationship (?) with all the small details.
I didn't do this when I made the muslin, so I didn't realize how time consuming it was, although the instruction is very straight forward.

For example, alot of seams are covered - the back of the front piping details is covered with a facing.
Shoulders also has a facing.
I think the only visible seems were the sides & armholes.
I used a serger for these areas.
All these facings made the dress look very neat, but it needed alot of hand slipstitchig which was time consuming.

The front band - piping (oh, the piping...) and gathers...
This is the detail that makes this dress pretty, but it really shows your sewing skills...
My piping job was so uneven and wavy, I don't think I can wear this outside the house. :(

I will try this again though, with a different fabric.
Matte jersey or silk de chine was suggested but I used regular knit jersey.
I thought it would be cooler than matte jersey, and certainly cheaper than silk.
But it was such a bad selection. It just doesn't look right. It needs a little weight or stiffness.
I want to try using silk de chine as suggested.
I already made this twice, so I shouldn't mess up too much.
I want to make it for my daughter's first birthday party in December.

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