September 28, 2011

DC 4030 Review/Testing

Kids are asleep. My husband is at school.
I'm enjoying this "me time" to test out my new Janome DC 4030 sewing machine.
As I started to go through the manual, I'm just "woooooohooa."
So I figured I'll write some comments/impressions as I go through the manual.

1. It comes with a plastic cover! It looks so professional. :)
Weight isn't too bad. It's like my last Brother LS2125. (which I already sold it on craigslist, the first day I posted!)

2. Foot pedal. The cord retracts. How nice. :)

3. But more than the foot control... Woooow, the Start/Stop button!!!
I was intimidated by this function...
"what, it sews on it's own? That's just too scary. I'll just stick to my good o' foot control..."
But I just pushed it, and it's just COOL!!!
There's a speed control slider to set your desired speed (which is also cool).
Once the start button is pushed, it starts slowly then up to the speed you selected.
You push the button again, and it slows own then stops.
I'm still scared to use it, but If I have a loooong straight stitch to do (like the shirred dress), I'll definitely use this.
By the way, on the speed control slider, "slow" is reeeeally slow, and "fast" is scary fast.

4. Up/Down needle position.
Push the button, and the needle goes up or down. Cool.
****After actually sewing for a bit, I realized this is one of the best function for me. You don't need to crank the hand wheel just to get the needle out once you're done sewing... Seems like a small thing but makes a big difference!!!

5. Auto-lock button/Reverse stitch button
I still don't really know the difference...

6. Presser Foot Lifter
It goes up & down, and then a little (1/4") higher as well.

7. Thread cutter
I use scissors so I don't really care for it.

8. Extension Table
It detatches to show the free-arem and the table has accessory case.

9. Pressor Foot Pressure Adjusting Lever
Its inside the face cover - which just slides opens. It's so nice after having Brother LS2125, which I needed to screw open it every time. ...which caused me to clean/oil less often. (excuse)
The lever has 0-3 levels that can be easily changed.

10. Changing of the Pressor Foot
Push a button - foot drops. Put a foot under neath the holder. Lower the presser bar. Attached.
This is sooooo cool!!!!
I was always so frustrated with attaching a foot on my Brother LS2125... You had to hold the bar while matching the pin to the groove.

11. Winding the bobbin
I first had a trouble with it - It seemed to keep winding below the bobbin (annoying!) but I just had to make sure that the thread was firmly around the first thread guide.
It was going slow, and I realized I had the speed control lever on slow-medium. I put it on fast, and it was done fast. I've gotta remember to check the speed control lever.
Winding was also quiet!! :)

12. Setting the bobbin
Easy enough. The light is right on it, which helps. So this is what the top-loading bobbin is all about, huh??

13. Threading the machine
Pretty easy again. Similar to Brother LS2125.

14. Needle Threader
This is the function I was waiting for - My eyes are so bad, it always hurt my eyes to thread the needle.
First attempt... What the...?? Did I say my eyes are so bad?
Just by looking at the instruction on the illustration hurt my eyes.
It's too late today... I need to find this manual and enlarge this illustration to see it better next time. I just threaded through the needle hole.

15. Drawing the bobbin thread.
Push the needle up/down botton. Voila. The bobbin thread is up. Nice function!!! :)
No more cranking up the hand wheel to do this job!!
...Except the space between the foot/plate was too small, I needed to use my scissors to pick up the bobbin thread. Am I doing something wrong?

16. Auto-Thread tension Dial.

17. Start sewing.
....My thread jammed!!!! UGGGHHH!!! Already!?
The thread jammed in the bobbin holder. i had to open the needle plate to clear the thread out.
It's also because I used the start/stop button.
I couldn't react fast enough to prevent the thread from jamming until the machine stops. If I was using the foot control it would've been an instant stop.
See? I'm not ready for this start/stop button...

OK, I just realized I threaded the needle thread wrong... I just missed one thread guide. I actually had it in there, but when I was fussing with the auto-threader, it must've came off. Now it's sewing beautifully.

AWWWW I can't wait to actually start sewing!!!

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  1. Thanks for the review - I'm considering buying one of these machines.