September 27, 2011

DC 4030 Received

My new sewing machine is here!!! :)

...But I haven't been able to play with it. :(
Since it's brand new, I figured I should just use my old Brother (LS-2125) to finish the project that I'm working on, since it's almost done.
It ended up taking me longer than I expected, and it's already 10pm.
I figured I should get some rest.
There's always tomorrow...

Just by looking at the machine & manual, I'm a little intimidated.
I've never used computer sewing machine.
Just the fact it has start/stop button scares me. What, it sews on its own!?!?

One thing though, it's a little rocky.
I don't know if it's missing a foot (not the presser foot, the foot for the machine) or something, but it rocks.
I'm scared it'll be shakey when I actually sew.
I don't know if it's defective or all DC4030 is like that.
I really don't want to return it, it already cost me $50 s/h and I didn't really like the seller. :(

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