September 20, 2011

Janome DC 4030

So, I got a call from the sewing machine vendor, and he told me that Janome TB30 is not available.
I kinda expected it, as I couldn't really find any online.
He offered me a "better" Janome machine for $499. AND he said the s/h should only be about $25.
He said it's DC 2011 - which isn't actually "better" to me...
It had more stitches, but I'm not interested in different stitches.
It doesn't have the presser foot adjuster, as it's probably more important for me when I sew knits.

I told him that I have another vendor who supposedly carries it, so I'm gonna call the other guy and call back.
He told me, "Hun, he won't have it. This machine has been discontinued for 2 years."

I called the other guy, and he didn't have it either.
But he offered me DC 4030 for $399, which is exactly the same as TB30 but the newer model.
It's actually the one I saw at the local store, so I told him I'll try to cancel the original seller and call him back.

I called the original vendor and told him what happened.
He said "I have DC4030... How much did the other guy quote you?"
I told him $399, +$50 s/h.
He said "We have it for $499. Ok, I'll give it to you for this price."

It sounds good when I just write it down, but I wasn't too happy with the experience.
First of all, why do all these vendors still have TB30 on sale, when they don't even have it?
And as for the first guy, they even charged my credit card when I first ordered, and then tried to sell me a different model.
And hey, whatever happened to $25 s/h talk??

The second vendor (I won't say who the first one was, but the second one was was alot nicer, and I would've bought with them, but since the first guy already charged my CC, I didn't want to go through the refund process.
It might've taken alot more sales talk from the guy.
Since it was the same price & shipping, plus it's $300 cheaper than the local store, I decided to just go with him.

Anyways, I should be getting the DC4030 within 2 weeks.
Now I know how that machine runs, I don't fell like using the Brother to sew anymore...

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