September 20, 2011

Self-Drafted Suede Bag Pattern (- to-be...)

Once again, I have a project in mind.

Although I ordered the given amount of fabrics, because I made the HotPatterns Hobo bag smaller, I have so much suede fabric left over.
Hobo bag was really cute, but I think it's more for the youngens... (therefore I'm making them for my teenage sister-in-laws and cousins)
I wanted to make something for the older generations, as this suede is really nice.
I looked around for good patterns... especially free ones... but nothing that caught my eyes.
So I decided, why don't I just come up with a pattern myself?
I've made enough bags, I think I can make something simple on my own.
So I first came up with a design that'll look nice with suede fabric.

And then I thought...
Well, if I'm coming up with it myself, why don't I sell the pattern on Etsy?
But if I do, I want the pattern to look professional for others to use.
...That means it needs to be computer-generated.
Hmm? Do I use Illustrator?
I have Photoshop and I'm pretty good at it...
Then I found this post on BurdaStyle how to make your pattern PDF.

I think I'm gonna use this tutorial to import my hand drawn pattern into Photoshop, then clean it up.
Hopefully I can do it...

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