September 19, 2011

New Sewing Machine...

My birthday is coming up.
Not that I don't like my sewing machine, but I decided I wanted to get a new sewing machine.
I had my machine for almost 10 years. It's been working great, but since I sew almost every night and learning more and more, I thought it would be nice to have a sewing machine with more functions.

So I researched, and my jaw dropped over how much functions newer sewing machines have.
Of course it costs more... When I got my Brother machine from Walmart, I wasn't planning to sew much so I got the cheapest thing available.

I decided on Janome Threadbanger TB30.
I liked all the features it has for the price...and of course the graphics on it!
I read that it actually didn't sell well, because of the graphics.
I'm assuming they targeted the younger crowd because of the audience, but I think the people who could afford a nicer more expensive sewing machines are probably older and not much into the graphics.

Since it's been few years since this model came out, it's already been discontinued, and it's harder to find.
I found a couple of online vendors having this, and one of them was offering free shipping, I ordered it 2 days ago. (Saturday)
Today is Monday, and I got a call from them, telling me to call them back.
I'm assuming that they're gonna tell me that they don't have it anymore, or they're gonna charge me shipping because I'm in Hawaii. :(
I checked the other websites and they have it for the same price $399 + $50 shipping, so if the first vendor can give me this price I'd go with them.

It's still cheaper than DC4030, which is supposedly the same model except no graphics.
I went to the local sewing machine store (one of few in Hawaii) and he offered $699 for it. :(
I actually went there to see how it works, because I knew it was the same as TB30.

I just couldn't believe how smooth it looked...
He showed me the different stitches (which looked more even), how to use buttonhole foot (one step!), and automatic tension adjustment.. He sewed organza right after sewing a denim without touching anything, and the stitches held great.
It also had an overlock foot, that made it look like a serger.
Since I'm having a hard time adjusting my serger thread tension, this was so attractive.
I asked him if it could replace a serger - and he said no, because TB30 only works with midweight fabrics.
I was almost drooling over it...

I can't wait to get my hands on it!!!!
I really hope I get it... even if I have to pay shipping!

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