December 29, 2011

Swedish tracing paper

I just got my Swedish tracing paper and tried it out for the first time.
I used it to trace Burda 12/2011 dress #102.

Someone said that it's just an interfacing... And yup, that's what it felt like.
But it can see through fairly well, in fact as much as the gift wrapping tissue paper I was using.
The part I liked about it is that it's rolled, not folded so the tracing process went very smooth.

I made some errors without thinking through...
Here're some lessons learned:

1.when the pattern has a "fold", make sure you trace the other side also, not just the half.
The front and back bodice pattern was folded in half, and after I finished tracing both and started cutting, I realized...
"Wait, since I'm gonna sew this up and make it a muslin, I need to have all the bodice, not just half."
So i had to trace it over.

2. Make sure to add seam allowance to the tracing paper as well.
I'm so used to just cutting the pattern as is, then add the seam allowance when I cut the actual fabric...
But since I'm sewing this one, I need to add them to it.

So I cut the pieces and sewn only the side seams.
I taped up the front/back facings to the bodice, and also taped the shoulder seam.
Well, facing was fine, but I would recommend sewing the shoulder seam also...
When I tried it on, the tape on the shoulder seam came off.

Overall, it was really cool using this tracing paper.

Now onto the dress #102.
I've made about 3 garments from Burda magazine so far, and I'm just impressed with the fit.
Except for the pants, the tops fit me perfectly.
This dress was no exception.
I used this tracing paper as a muslin, but didn't need to do any adjustment.
It seemed to fit me perfectly.
The only thing is, because it's just a paper (although it acts like fabric) it doesn't really have any drape to it.
This dress was an A-line skirt, which I thought was a little widw at the bottom, but I didn't adjust anything because it might drape very differently with more drapey fabric.

The funny thing is, Burda pattns are for women size 5'6".
I'm 4'11", but the tops fit me perfect everytime (except shortening the hem, but I don't need to adjust any bodice).
I must have a really long torso and short legs...

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