December 28, 2011

Burda magazine 8/2011 Jacket 117

Jacket 117 from Burda magazine 8/2011.
With this lightweight Jersey crepe, it's more like a cardigan than a jacket.

Just by looking at the size, I thought I need an adjustment on the bodice length, since I'm 4'11'.
I tissue fitted, and it didn't look too bad, so I just cut it as is, with size in between 36-38.

This was an easy pattern.
I think i took longer tracing and cutting the fabric than actually sewing it.
Well, but that's just sewing, without any adjustment.

First I sewn in about 1/2in off the seam as it looked too big.
Then I cut the sleeves off about 3 inches, making it 3/4 sleeve.
I thought it looks kinda too heavy to have a black cardigan with full flounce.
Wait, I had to shorten my sleeves about 4 inches to begin with when I cut the fabric, so I actually cut about total of about 7 inches.

This lightweight jersey had more drape than I thought, so yup, the cardigan looks droopy (first triangular flounce comes around my waist) and long (down to my butt)
I don't really know how to do raglan sleeve adjustment, so I think I'm just going to cut some width off (about 2 inches) and and hopefully it will keep the same flounce effect.
And I'm also cutting the hem to my hip line.
We'll see how it turns out...

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