December 9, 2011

Burda 6/2011 #114

I made a pants from Burda magazine (7/2011, #114).
i own probably more than 20 pairs of pants, but none of them really fit.
I'm petite, with small hip but thanks to giving birth to two kids, and being lazy not doing much ab workout, my waist is unproportionally bigger.
So when i saw this pattern i thought it was a perfect project.
It has an elastic waist, but the pants still looks classy and even has pockets.
I thought "how hard can it be? Just make the suggested size, and it should be perfect."
Boy was i wrong.

Just to keep it short, these are what I did.
According to the sizing chart, I am size 36 hip and 40 waist. So...

1. Made 40 waist, 36 hip and below. Too big.
2. Made 38 waist, 34 hip and below. A little better but still too big. However 34 is the smallest on the pattern.
3. Took about 1cm overall. Fit bettr but crotch too long?
4. Cut crotch about 1cm at the waist. Better. Butt fits almost perfect, but baggy in the back.
5. Took 1cm on back side seam only bellow the butt. Much better. But something is off... My mom noticed that the front waist-mid thigh is too big.
6. Took 1cm on front side seam only, between the waist (below waistband) and mid-thigh.

Result? perrrrrrrfect!!!!! :)
Because it's an elastic waist, it's so comfortable. But because of the nice micro brushed twill, it still has a little officey classy look to it.
I love it, but if I was to make another pair of pants with this pattern, I'll probably use more drapey fabric.
I'm thinking about using a striped linen....

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