December 22, 2011

Sewable tracing paper!?

I was looking through the message board on, and found out that there's such thing as a sewable tracing paper.
You trace the pattn sew it like a muslin, make any necessary fitting adjustment, and then cut the fabric using this adjusted traced pattern.
I found it on ebay for $13 including shipping... Which is pricey compared to the gift wrap tissue paper that I'm using, but if you think that you don't need to buy any muslin fabric... It's a great buy.
I admit, I'm too lazy to make muslins, but after every project I wish I did...
once I finish, I need to make so many adjustment.
Especially now that use Burda patterns. It's made for tall people (well, people who are alot taller than me), and i seem to need to shorten everything.
It would be great to use a traced paper as a muslin.

I was thinking about getting some Liberty of London fabric... I found out that you can get them much cheaper through UK ebay.
I was excited to finally get my hands on Liberty, but was dreading that my finished garment wouldn't fit right...
i was thinking about making a muslin, so this tracing paper would be perfect!

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