December 19, 2011

Burda 7/2011 #114 top

Now I'm working on Burda magazine 7/2011 #114 top.
I thought it was really cute... Light weight jersey, casual but it's a wrap front so still has a little something, rather than just a T-shirt.

Now I have made two garments from Burda magazine, I'm pretty impressed with the fit.
With my silk chiffon top (still need to blog about it...), I made no fitting adjustment but it fit me perfectly.
But it was a pretty roomy style anyways.
This shirt is more fitting, but yet it still fits me perfectly. (so far)
The only thing with this top is that the front inside neck is to low. :(
i had a feeling, Since the picture seemed to have a low neck.
I should've checked it with tissue fitting.
Now I need to shorten the shoulder seam of this piece only, so it'll have a shorter hem.
At least it'll be covered by the top wrap pieces...

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