December 22, 2009

Epithelial Pearl

My 10-month baby's teeth are growing.
He has 2 on the bottowm, 2 on the top (fangs first!), and 2 top middle ones are coming out.

But I noticed that, on the top tooth, there's like a piece of gum or something hanging out...
My husband and I just figured it'll take care of it's own...

I found out that this is most likely an Epithelial Pearl, which is just bunch of cells coming out to the surface while the tooth is forming.
It says it will go away on it's on.

However... my baby didn't think so.
I got a call from the sitter today, saying that he was picking at it, and his gum is now bleeding.
I called the Dr, and he said if he seems fine, just leave it alone and watch out for it for few days, making sure there's no infection, etc. etc.
Aaaah, babies babies...
Amazing the things they do...

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