December 16, 2009


Agh, today was so voggy.
"VOG" - it's Volcanic Fog, or Volcanic Smog, I'm assuming.
Basically volcano is errupting in Big Island of Hawaii, and if there's not enough wind, all the vocanic ash in the air stays around in neighbor islands, which is us.
Normally you can see the Diamond Head from the freeway, but the visibility was so bad today.

On the good note, today was a group lunch from my work.
My boss was nice enough to let me bring my baby, so we happily accepted. :)

We went to a restaurant in Down Town called Indigo.

It's a very nice, "fusion" style (both atmosphere and food) restaurant in Chinatown.
The food was delicious - mix of all sorts of flavor.

And it was a buffet - I wonder if they always have a buffet, or if it's just a holiday thing?


Sewing talk...
I also started putting the labels on my bags.
They make them look so professional!
AAAh, I seriously need to upload some photos.

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