December 12, 2009

My new "thing" - sewing

I'm a craft person.
Never thought I was, but I guess I am.

It all starts because I'm such a budget-er.
Whenever I see something, I think "Can I make this myself?", and alot of time, I can!
I'd make anything if it saves me money, even if it takes my time.
I enjoy the process.

Last few years, I was into jewelry making.
I was so into it, I even sold some at a craft fair.
Then I got burnt out.
I didn't even want to look at beads!
I still get the "ugh" feeling when I see my beads box.
There're so many beads in there, I so want to organize it one day... but right now, I just can't!

And now... my new "thing" is sewing.
It started when my in-law set a limit on X'mas gifts for this year.
$10 gift per person.

It's so hard to find a nice gift for $10!!!!
Especially for older crowds - my mother-in-law, aunties, etc...
I wanted to get them something nice.

I thought about getting a small purse.
I found few Hawaiian purses for about $10 - $15.
It's over our limit, but hey, it's only few dolalrs more!
But it's not really that nice...
The Hawaiian prints are so basic. The style is so simple...
The more and more I look at it, I started thinking "Can't I make this?"

So I searched online for bag sewing tutorials.
And there were so many!!!
Don't you just love internet?
And so many people are nice & generous enough to post a very detailed, pictured tutorial.

I figured, I'd start with wristlet, because it's small & won't use much fabric, so how hard can it be?
Now I think about it, I was pretty bold - Didn't realize that wristlet has a zipper, a little side tab, etc etc...

But I managed to make one, and it wasn't that bad!
So I searched some more, and started making bags... and GOT HOOKED!!!

I've made about 6 bags with bamboo handles.
Nice Hawaiian print with good fabric for aunties.
maybe 3 or 4 hobo or sling bags for younger generation, with matching smaller bags for their daughters.

And now, I'm back to making wristlets.
Second time around is a lot easier.
So now I want to make a wristlet for my own after all these x'mas bag making is over.
A wristlet with credit card holder slots, so I can just use it as a wallet/purse!

Pictures to come...

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