December 22, 2009


To get ready for the change from Hawaii weather to California weather, I got a set of Shiseido Benefiance skincare.

I always get this before I go to the cold weather - California, or Japan.
As I remember, I thought this was more moisturizing...
Cleanser a little more moisturizing and not as "tight", toner sticky, and day cream sticky as well.
But they all seem to soak into my skin this time.
Hmmm... Did they change the formula, or did my skin get OLDER that it needs more mosturizing!?!?!?
It seems good enough for Hawaii.
I wonder if this is good for colder weather?

Either way, it's a good product. It's just a little pricey...
$50 for this set isn't bad, but if you were to buy each product, it's like $40/ea.

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