January 5, 2010

Bathroom ideas

Over the holidays, I was in CA to visit my husband's family.
I'm originally from CA, so I also saw my bestfriend.

She has recently bought a house.
What a timing. She bought her house for about $450K brand new, when it was about $800K at the peak. LUCKY!

Well, it seems like we'll be at our townhome for awhile.
Inspired from my friend's house, I was thinking about doing a little decorating around the house.
I especially liked her bathrooms...
Granite tops with bronze hardware.
I don't think we can "remodel" the entire bathroom, but maybe we can just change the hardware?
I looked up the towel bars and stuff, and found out they were about $20-30/piece!!
Whoa! Easy $100 just change the hardware. Times X2, since we have 2 bathrooms.
Home Depot had a set for $36.99, which isn't bad... but they don't ship them to Hawaii. Of course. (-_-;)

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