January 9, 2010

New bag project

My new bag project.
I want to make a diaper bag for my friend who's expecting a baby boy at the end of this month.
Basically a simple shoulder bag, with lots of pockets inside, preferrably with an elastic band.
It shouldn't be too hard...
I wish I knew how to make these bags while I was pregnant.
I would've been making my own diaper bag!

Now I'm off to finding her a nice fabric!
I want something simple & turquoise outside, and inside fabric is this new hawaiian girl pattern that I saw...

UPDATE: 1/20/2010

My friend already had her baby.
Thank goodness the bag was already done! :)
Here're some pictures.



Lots of pockets inside... with elastic bands to fit different size of things... I even made pockets for pens! Don't you hate looking for pens all over your purse?

She loved it... yey! :)

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