January 26, 2010


I have recently discovered www.etsy.com.
This is like the best site idea for crafters!!!
I know so many crafters are just happy to make things - but make too many - and what do we do with it?
I'm sure my friends/coworkers are tired of seeing my handmade stuff... although it's not like I'm charging them anything... I just love making things.
For those of us... put it up on Etsy! :)

I first sold some gemstone beads that was just sitting around in my closet...
They're perfectly good beads, including turquoise, rhodenite, moonstone, etc.
Then the payment was put into my PayPal account...
This is my "play" account.
If I use this money to post my items to Etsy, their listing fee ($0.20) doesn't seem too bad, even if they don't sell.

I put up my placemat purse, and some of the jewelries that I've made...
I'm not sure if I get any "hits", but it's ok. I would be happy if anyone ever buys my handmade stuff. :)

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