January 18, 2012

New shipment of fabrics.

I received some fabrics from www.fabric.com today.
I love fabric.com! They have a free shipping over $35, and I normally find some kind of online coupon, normally about $10 off.
This time I got about $40 woth, and that was tons of materials.
It's normally a hit and miss, since it's online shopping and you can't really touch them.
But this shipment was really nice!

I'm into royal blue right now, and I got stretch charmeuse and ITY knit in royal blue, and they both turned out to be a really nice fabric!
I'm thinking about making a wrap dress in ITY knit and a top with charmeuse.

I also got micro brushed twill (I knew I like this since I've had it before), stretch cotton poplin to make trousers.

One of my favorite was smocked shirting in brown and white plaid. I bought this just to make the coupon limit and it was on sale for $2/yd. I thought it was the cutest out of all.
I was going to make a short pants just to wear it aroun the house, but I think it would be cute to make it into a bermuda shorts.

One "miss" was the cotton blend lawn. I wanted to make a wrap dress in cotton lawn (the one in the magazine was in Tana lawn, but I couldn't see myself spending $50 for one outfit...), and this was on sale and thought it was cute online, but when I received it was REALLY pink!!
I thought about returning it, but I think it still works... I just don't know if it'll go with my skin tone.

Overall I am very happy with what I got today... Now I need to get started!

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