January 14, 2012

Burdastyle 12/2011 #111 trouser

So I'm off to making a trouser... Burdastyle 12/2011 #111.
I already foresee some trouble coming... Perfect pants are so hard to make.

Today, I traced the pattern on my good friend sewable tracing paper, cut them out, then stitched them for a rough fitting.
First of all, according to their sizing chart, I'm size 41 (in between 40 and 42) at the waist, and size 35 (once again, in between... 34 and 36).
Hmph. No wonder I can never find a pair of pants that fits me perfect... I have too big of a gap in between my waist and the hip.
So I traced the pattern accordingly, size 41 at the waist and tapered to 35 toward the hip. (actually pattern only went down to 36).
I stitched it up and tried it... And the waist was too big. :(
This is what happened with my pants last time... I had to do like 7 fittings to get things perfect.
The hip was even a little too big, but I think I stitched the front and the back a little off.
But from hip toward the legs were actually nice.

I'm excited that I can make a nice fitted pants in this style.
I kept alot of my pants from the past (my weight actually hasn't changed for the last 10 years or so...) but they are all "youngster" style since I bought them when I was in my 20s.
I thought I should start wearing some "grown up" clothes...
Hopefully this turns out nicely.

Overnight, I was trying to alter the pants for a perfect fit.
Since the waist was too big, I redraw the pattern to size 35-36 overall.
It fit good, except for the gaping back.
I took in almost an inch from the back center seam, and after I attached the waistband it was still gaping. :(
I took in about 1/2 in from the waistband back center.

Then fine tuning...
It loked baggy here and there, so I took in about 1/2 In from the hip to the kneew on the side seam, and 1/2in from knees to the bottom inseam.
Wow, I must have a funny body shape, but after these alterations the pants looks great.
My waist-hip area fits me, and legs go straight down.
I don't think I've had a pair of pants that fits me this good.
This is the reason to sew!

I just hope that the pants will be as good once it's in the actual fabric.
And I hope I can attach the zipper ok!

Ok, I'm back to this pants after getting side tracked with other projects.
I got to cut my fabric tonight.

Looking at the instructions, I just didn't get how to attach the pockets.
Then it just hit me... "oooooooh, hip yokes with integrated pocket pieces means I have to cut the pocket pieces separately from the hip yoke!"
Ok, I got it, now the instruction makes sense.
Ugh. That means I have to go back to cutting... I'll continue tomorrow...

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