November 8, 2011

Too many projects as usual, but productive today!

I have a bad habbit of starting a new project before finishing the other.
I guess I get bored in the middle (for example, I'm getting bored of making so many PJ pants for x'mas gifts... it's just same pattern over and over), or if I bump into an obstacle (not having a supply, etc), or when it's almost done, I just start another project.

Well, tonight was very productive.
I actually finished 3 projects.
They were all "almost done" garments...

First of all, I still need to blog about another Simplicity 2444 dress that I made to wear to my daughter's 1st birthday party.
(...well, this one is actually not done yet... I still need to hem...)
Today, I finished a matching dress for my daughter.
I started it few days ago, and I finally finished it by doing some hand stitching the shoulder and hemming the bottom.
I need to take a picture of me & my daughter wearing it so I can put it up on

Then I finished a PJ pants for my son, and another PJ pants for my friends x'mas gifts.
They were both almost done. They just needed to have a waist elastic and hem the bottom.

I feel so accomplished!!!

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