November 15, 2011


Do you finish what you started?

When it comes to sewing... me? No.

I was going to make another Simplicity 6648, but after I cut the fabric and sewed the shoulder seams, I already didn't like how it looks so I completely lost the motivation to continue.

So I decided to do some recon that I've been holding off.

I had these long sleeve polyester shirts for awhile.

I really like them and used to wear it alot when I was working, because there was AC at my work.

But now I'm home and it's HOOOOOT, these tops were just sitting in my closet.
So I decided to chop the sleeves off.

I wish I took the before pictures, but I didn't. :(

At first I was going to make both of them sleeveless.

But when I cut the sleeves off the grey top with a little seam allowance, it just looked cute to have a little puff sleeves, so I decided to cut out a puff sleeves off the long sleeves.

I used one of my Japanese pattern books for the puff sleeve pattern.

Although it's a little uneven (my hubby said he can't really tell), it turned out really cute!!!!

I'm so gonna be wearing this more often.

With the white/brown top, I'm just gonna make it a sleeveless as planned.

The design is so big that a cute sleeve won't show too well.

I'm thinking about using the cut sleeves to make a fabric flower and attach it to the neck facing.

Here's the result...
It's soooo much better!!!
I didn't make the flower, I wasn't patient enough. :p

I'd be wearing these more often!

It was a nice recon day.

Whenever I try a recon, it normally turns out a disaster.

Is it that my sewing skill is getting better?


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