November 21, 2011


Feels good to de-clutter...
While I wait for my Burda magazines and fabrics, I'm going through what I have to do something in the mean time.
I finally decided to clear out my fabric scraps.
Not even stash.. Scraps. I couldn't believe why I was keeping some of them, that was like 1in x 3in.
In threw out the really small pieces, and kept some to donate...

Then I have this pretty big size scrap of flannel I used to make x'mas gift pjs.
I cut out one more child's pattern, and for the rest, I cut out 6x6in pieces.
I got a pretty good number of these square pieces now.
I thought about quilting...
But I'm not really into quilting, and flannel is too hot here in Hawaii anyways.
I'll try to sell them first, and if it doesn't sell, i'l probably give them away...
At least my stash looks more organized!

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