November 15, 2011

Simplicity 2444 with matching daughter dress

I finished Simplicity 2444 and a matching dress for my daughter's birthday party.

Ok, which one is better... to be a good photographer, or to have a good photographer as a husband?

In our case, I'm the photographer and my husband really SUCKS at taking pictures!!!

I asked him to take a picture with my daughter and me wearing the dresses, and although he took so many pictures, they were all focused on the background trees, and none of the pictures showed the full dress. :(

Anyways, I'll be writing a review on for Simplicity 2444.

I used Japanese pattern book for my daughter's dress.

It turned out a little too big though.

My daugher wears 18-24 months (she's 11 months!) so I made 90cm (my almost 3 year old wears 90cm) and yup it was too big.

But I knew 80cm would've been too small.

I thought about making it over but my husband suggested we can ust put a cardigan on top and it won't look too bad.

This book has really been useful.

I've made few dresses for my daughter & pants for my son.

Maybe I should write a review...

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