April 20, 2012

Burda Magazine 7/2010 #106

I got this Marc Jacobs cotton fabric from Fabric Mart.
It's a light weight, but not see through fabric, so I thought it was perfect for a flowy top.
I realized I should be making more tops or bottoms, rather than dresses...
Since I go to the park alot with my kids, top/shorts or pants would be a better choice of clothing.

I picked #106 from Burda Magazine 7/2010.
It looks really cute as #107, with a butterfly sleeves (I didn't know that's what's called!), but I wanted something that covers my arms, so I decided with #106.

Whoa the sleeves were big!
I thought about it when I saw the pattern, but it looked really cute on the magazine, so I was hoping that's how it would look.
Guess not...

It looks somewhat ok from the front, but from the side...

The top looks big to begin with, so it just looks like it adds too much volume.

So I decided to make a casing out of the sleeve hem (used a buttonhole as a hole), and gathered the hem to control the volume.

It looks pretty different from the magazine, but I like this way better on me...
I would like to make one with even lighter material next time, with the butterfly sleeves when it's warmer.
(Well, it's not like Hawaii isn't warm enough at high 70F right now, but it will get HOT during the summer.)

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