April 11, 2012

Oliver + s Little Things To Sew

I love the library.
They seem to have everything! :)
I borrowed Oliver + s "Little things to sew".
I'm not too much of a niknak kind of person, so I didn't find too many things to sew out of 20 projects.
But I liked the hat pattern.
I just saw a hat pattern on Burda 3/2012 issue, but it looked too big at 50cm head circumference for my 1yr old daughter, and I'd rather not follow Burda's instruction if I have an option. (although I love Burda, their instruction is terrible!)

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Sorry for the yellow tint to the picture, I use my ipad to take the picture and don't have the photo editing app. :p

Anyways, it was easy to make, although time consuming with so many rows of stitches on the brim.
I even made two. One for my daughter, one for my niece, they are only 15days apart.
Yellow one is for my daughter, I just found out that her favorite color is yellow.
I added the flower trim, because without it it looked like the uniform hat I used to wear at my kindergarden. :p

The only thing is, I had a problem matching the last piece (crown/side) to the rest of the hat.
The crown piece always came bigger than the brim edge.
I don't know if it's the pattn, or my sewing. :(

It's rated as beginner project, but I think it uses a little more skills as your stitches will show if you are using a solid material.
I used the blue print/serrsucker yellow on one (main) side, but solid pink linen on the other which shows more stitches...
I'm not too proud of it, so I don't think I'll use it as reversible as suggested.

Other than that I like how the pattern comes in XS to L, which is up to 8 yrs old.
I also love that it only took about 1/4yd of material!
I made it using some left over fabric from when I made them a top.
I'll be using this pattern over and over. :)

By the way my serger is at the shop...
It's been acting up, and I finally gave up and took it in.
Since I bought it second hand off Craigslist, it 's probably time for maintenance. :(
That's why the hat was a god project, because all the seams are enclosed, therefore I didn't need a serger.


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  2. Came across your post from PatternReview.Com, I love this pattern and think your flower trim might be another great idea I will borrow! Loving it ... and the fact it's a free pattern too! Sorry deleted my comment accidentally ....