May 1, 2012


Hmm. I don't know what happened to my post from yesterday.
I wrote about Vogue 1235, was gonna continue today and it's lost! :(
 Anyways, I'm currently making Vogue 1235 for our "staycation" in Waikiki this weekend.
I had this pattern for awhile, even had fabrics to go with it, but didn't start on it because I didn't know where to wear it to. :(
But now... My husband wants to have dinner in Waikiki for our anniversary/Mother's Day/Memorial Day, so wouldn't this be a perfect occasion for a new dress??
 I'm actually almost done with it...
I just need to make a sash.
Actually, I did make a sash and attached to the dress, but decided to make a tie instead.
I omitted the elastic on the waist, because my waistline changes drastically during the day, and sometimes the elastic on the waist can be painful.
So instead I decided to make a tie to control it. 

There were only few reviews on this pattern, but they were all helpful.
I followed most of the recommendations. 
1. I read that everyone is complaining about the elastic shoulders. I took the tip about sewing the ends of the elastic down first, and then sewn the elastic down. Much easier!
2. I used the bias strip to finish the neckline.
3. I cut out 2 back pieces instead of the facing. I hate facings!
4. Luckily I didn't need to install a zipper! Yey! The only thing is, if I was to followed the centerline of the front, it would've been way too loose...
I didn't know how to fix this ahead of time, with all the pleats (and my paper muslin seemed ok) so I just crossed the front pieces at where I was comfortable, and that ended up cutting the edges down, and probably took some of the pleating effects out...
But oh well, gotta do what I gotta do.

 Overall I like this dress, because it's made in knit and very comfortable, but the style is very feminine.
My husband said the black sash on pale blue dress was too dark, but when I wore a chunky black necklace, it seemed to blend in well.


So I wore it to the dinner in Waikiki.
Oh boy we were treated so good this staycation.
We booked the city view using Sheraton points for free, and they upgraded us to Deluxe Oceanfront room!
Here's the view from the room.
So cool that my camera does panoramic view. :)

We went to dinner, and my sister-in-law and I ordered drinks, and when the waitress brought our checks at the end, she said "You ladies are such hard-working Moms.  I got your drinks.  Sometimes you need it."
What a nice lady!  :)

We went back straight to the room because we were all tired from the long day.
As soon as we got back to the room, we had a surprise visit from the Room Service with cookies and drinks!

It was such a tiring two days!!!
I don't know why you get tired when you're on vacation?
You're supposed to be relaxing, but you try to pack so much to do while you're there, that you end up getting so tired!
I passed out at 8pm with the kids when we got home, that I didn't even know when my husband went to sleep!

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