May 16, 2012

McCall 5884

Awhile ago, I got a whole bunch of fabric from
There was a floral polyester crepe (I think) in the mystery bundle that I really like.

Looking for an inspiration, I found this top from Modcloth.

The fabric looks exactly like the one I had, and I really like the style.
I looked for a pattern for it and found McCalls 5884 and got it from Ebay.
Surprisingly this was out of print, and I couldn't really find any other pattern like it...
Well, except for Colette Pattern but I didn't want to spend $17 for a pattern.

So here's the result.

I really wanted the sleeves, but didn't have enough fabric.
But I'm kinda glad I made sleeveless, because the weather is getting hot...
It's polyester and since it's see through, I need to wear a cami underneath, and that's HOT!!

It was a fairly easy pattern, but it took me forever...
Because the right and wrong side look the same, I kept stitching the pieces wrong side.
Especially the collar...  it was a loooong piece, so it was extra easy to make a mistake.
I thought I doubled and triple checked but I still stitched it on the wrong side, and kept ripping it apart.

I also trimmed down the armhole.
After I finished everything, I noticed that the shoulders are wider and armhole was small, so it was very uncomfortable.
I already had the bias finish, so I hated taking it apart, but I figured I wouldn't wear it if it's uncomfortable, so I slept over it and did it over the next day.

I'm happy with how it turned out.  It's really cute!!!  :)
I just don't know what bottom to match...

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