July 18, 2011

Vogue 1152

I'm back to Vogue 1152 two years after buying the pattern.

It's because I got pregnant, and everytime I face the sewing machine I got sick. So I was off of it for awhile...

Now I started to sew again, I figured I should try this pattern before the trend is over. Haha (Well, it's already been 2 years!)

I really really like this dress, so I decided I want to make it perfect, therefore decided to do a muslin first.

I'm not a big fan of muslin... I know it's a better thing to do, but it just feels like a waste of fabric & time, especially if I don't need to do any adjusting.

I used a knit fabric that I got from local fabric store.
I made a tanktop out of it first, and realized the material was too thick to be a summer shirt. I still had about 2yds of it, and didn't know what to do with it, so I decided to use it as a muslin for this dress.
I know, I know, that I should use a fabric that's close to what I'll be making... But I still don't know what fabric I want to make this dress with, and I figured I probably don't have to do much adjusting, so it won't matter. As long as I have an idea of what the dress fits...

As I said, this pattern is from 2 years ago, and I did start on it by cutting the pattern into each pieces and tissue-fitting.
I thought, "oh yey, one less thing to do."
So I started cutting the fabric to match the pieces. (Just a ball park)
Oh my gosh, I got so embarrassed of how ignorant I was at the time.
I still have lots to learn, but I REALLY didn't know what I was doing back then.
The only thing I did to the pattern was to shorten the length of the skirt.
While I was cutting, I realized it seemed too short...
I tissue fitted the modified pattern again, and realized that I didn't include the seam allowance!!!
AND it just seemed short. I guess I was going for above-the-knee look, but I feel too old to pull that off now.
Luckily the pattern was only taped to adjust, but I had to stitch some materials to each fabric pieces I've already cut. :(

Anyhoo... long intro.
So I got the muslin started, and all I gotta say is....
I love these small details...
I finished the front part.
I didn't add the piping since it's just a muslin, and even then I messed up the stitching... but it just looks so cute!! :)
And the color of this material just went so good. I wish I made it into a wearable-muslin, but thanks to the pattern mess-up, I can't. :(
I'm even thinking about getting this same fabric...
If I do, I might make it into a sleeveless, since the material is too thick/hot to have sleeves.

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