July 21, 2011

Vogue 1152 In Progress - One sleeve

After the last post, I made an adjustment to my bodice.

I lifted ~1 1/2in at the shoulder to raise my bodice.

It felt better, but now I had to cut the armhole to match the sleeves, and also lengthen the front pieces back 1 1/2in.

I started on the sleeves and attached one - I haven't added the cuff, but it just looks so puffy??

Would cuffs make a difference?

I posted a message on sewing.patternreview.com, asking about how to raise the bodice, and I got some comments saying that it looks too big on me overall.
I thought it fits fairly well, but when I compare my dress to others in the review for this pattern, hmm, maybe it does look a little too puffy overall.
Plus some mention that it fits perfect once you make one size smaller than your usual.
Maybe I should take it apart and make one size smaller...
I'm really lazy and feel like I just want to finish already, but this is exactly the reason why I'm making a muslin, because I want it perfect.
I guess it's time to pull the seams apart...

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