May 29, 2011

Love my new serger

I finally got a serger!!!

Ever since I started sewing, I've been wanting one - but was intimidated by it, and also didn't want to pay $300-500 for it.
Then I found it on Craigslist.
Janome 3434D for $160.
The lady only used it once and never got a chance to use it.
She sold it to me for $140.
I took it home and turned it on... It made a clucking sound like my sewing machine awhile ago, so I cleaned it and oiled it.
It was as good as new!!!

It's so amazing how FAST serger is compared to a sewing machine.
I've been serging like crazy.
I made a dress using a gauze.
When my family visited from Japan last week, I ordered a pattern book from Japan and asked my mom to bring it.
(I found it on ebay for $35, but it's pricey considering the actual book is only about $10.)
It's done, but I haven't taken a picture of the finished product.
This is in the making... I still needed to add a collar (which I had a small problem) and bind the sleeve hole.

I've sewn a matching dress for my 6 months daughter... so cute!

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