April 20, 2011

Picky Eater

It's been so long since I updated a blog.
In the meantime, I became a mom of two -
My son is currently 2 years old, and I have a 4 months daughter.

My son used to be such a chubby baby - He was always above 90 percentile, and I was even scolded by the doctor to slow down on my feedings.
(...If there is any slowing down on breastfeeding.)
He used to eat anything... until he turned two.
Around the time he turned two, he became such a picky eater.
Even if he likes it, if he doesn't like what he sees, he wouldn't eat it.
(For example, he'd eat McD fries. so we know he likes potatoes, but he wouldn't eat the potatoes in the soup)
We live far from my family, so we skype with my mom often.
She was telling me "he got all his teeths, so he should be able to eat anything by now."
So I was trying so hard to make him eat what we eat.

It changed my mind when we found out that his weight became less than 50 percentile at his 2-year-old checkup.
He lost so much weight, because of picky eating and since he became more active.
Forget my mom!
It doesn't matter how he eats it... If the food looks like "ours" or "baby food".
Isn't better for him to eat than not eat at all?
So I decided to change my cooking to accomodate what he would eat.
Like I said, he CAN eat anything... it just depends on how it's presented.

For example, today's menu:
1. chicken omlette with vegetables.

He would not eat chicken on its own...
So I used ground chicken, stir fried it with spinach and tomatoes, and wrapped it in eggs. Season with ketchup.
(He doesn't like eggs... so we'll see how it goes!)

2. Cream of potato soup

As I mentioned, he wouldn't eat potato on it's own. So I boiled potatoes, carrots and onion, mixed with chicken stock and milk, then blended it all using Bullet mixer.

3. Pasta salad

He wouldn't eat lettuce... So I chopped up small and mixed it in pasta, seasoned with mayo.

....Hmm. It really sounds like he doesn't like to eat anything! Haha. But he should gobble all this up.
It's better than having a chicken with vegetable on the side, lettuce salad, and a soup with chunky potatoes!

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