June 24, 2011

Upcycle project

I'm back on sewing!
However, since I stopped working, I shouldn't be spending so much money on fabric...
So I looked around the house to see what I can use to support my habbit.

I found lots of my kids clothes that they cannot wear, because it's too small, or some other reasons.
I decided to upcycle them using the existing items.

Upcycle project#1:

This is my daughter's tanktop & brand new burpclothes.
We got these burpclothes recently but since our daughter is already 6 months old, we don't use them anymore. Her tanktop is still ok, but it's so short that her belly is always showing.

This turned out to be...
It's not long enough for a dress, it just added some flavor...

Upcycle project#2:

My daughter's onesie and my son's old t-shirt.This was such a cute onesie with a little flower. I loved it but she can no longer wear it.

My son's t-shirt is cute, but once again, I don't put it on my daughter because it shows her belly. He also never wore it for the same reason, so it's practically brand new.

End result...

I took off the logo on the t-shirt and replaced it with the flower from the onesie.

I messed up so much on this... I kept sewing the wrong side, so I kept cutting it shorter and shorter, and finally the brown fabric just wasn't enough, so I ended up adding another burpclothes in the middle.

I also sewed the wrong side of brown fabric to the right side of the white burpclothes, but it just was too much cutting so I left it alone, hoping the stitches look like the decoration.

I'm not too happy with either... :(

They are wearable, but just look soooo handmade. :(

I guess she can wear it at home.

Need more practice, practice...

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