November 5, 2012

Refashion Contest

Wow, it's been almost 2 weeks since I wrote my post!
I was in Japan, and after we came back, I was battling a jetlag...
Then it got busy with Halloween... I've been going to bed at 8pm with the kids that I haven't really sewn anything.

Before all these, I joined the Refashon contest on PR website.
It's only for two weeks that I don't even know if I can make anything in time!

Challenge Contest 2012 - Refashion / Repurpose

It was a good timing, because around the time I entered I sorted out my closet for old clothes.
I divided them into something to donate pile (something I wouldn't wear anymore...too old, or don't like the color or print so I wouldn't wear it even if I upcycle it) and "potential" pile... Something that I don't wear, but like the material or print enough that I might still wear if I upcycle.

At first I was thinking of making something for my kids.
Then I found this top.

I bought it few years ago, and it had so much style back then...
The pleated neckline, dolman sleeves, long fitted hem to wear over the leggings (when leggings first came back to style).
But because it has so much styles to it, it looks so out of style now.
Also it's so fitted that I didn't feel comfortable wearing it.
I like the material (rayon/spandex) so I'll see if I can make something out of it.

At first I thought of making a top...
Cut the sleeves, make them into ruffles and attach it to the neckline.
But I don't like how neckline is so low.
I'll have to wear a cami even after upcycling it to sleeveless.

A skirt, maybe?
I wore it upside down, to make the hem band as waistline.
It was too tight overall.

So I raised it higher, and the hemband was perfect at my bustline.
I'll go with this idea, just need to refine it... Only 10 days to go!!

Ok, I'm done with one upcycle wardrobe!!

I really like the hem band of the turquoise top, so I kept it as is, and made a tee using Maria Denmark's free Kimono Tee pattern.
This has been one of my favorite pattern!!
It was long enough so I could cut off the pleated part and make a new tee.

I made a bias strip from cut neckline material.
I like the kimono sleeve as is, but it was Too short so I cut two bands from the original sleeves and attached them.
I like how it turned out... Dropped shoulder is in trend, and it's more wearable!

Here's another one.

I don't think this would qualify for the contest, but it's still an upcycle.
My friend gave me one of her maternity dress.
She thought I could do something with it...

I like it as is, but it is a maternity dress, so it has lots of material under the bust and it does make me look pregnant.
So I just cut down the bottom tier to make it a regular skirt.

Here's the combined wardrobe.

This should be good for the contest entry, but I'm on a role so I'll be going through some more upcycleable clothes...


After I cut off the tier from maxi maternity dress, I was thinking of what I can do with the chiffon material.
It wasn't much, but it's such a cute print that I didn't want to just throw it away.
I wanted to make something like a tierred top, but I couldn't find any material that can go underneath the tier.

I had this long sleeve knit shirt...

I haven't worn it for a long time because
1. it's a long sleeve, it's too hot to wear in Hawaii.
2. I don't know like how low the neckline is.

When I layered the chiffon, it actually matched.
So I decided to make it a ribbon around the neckline, and made it a sleeveless.
It took care of the problems I had with this top!
I like how it turned out... It's more wearable!

I might do more upcycling, but for now I'm going to make a composite picture and post it up.


I did another upcycling.
Here's the "before" photo.

I loved this top when I first got it.
I loved the color, the print...
But I never liked the low neckline.
It' so low, and because of the material it's droopy, that even if I wear something underneath, it has that droopy lazy look to it.
But I loved the print so much I couldn't get rid of it...
I took this opportunity to upcycle it to my daughter's top.

I cut off the neckline and reused it as a bias strip on the new neckline.
I added the butterfly sleeves but cheated and didn't finish the sleeve hems. :p

I added a little crocheted flower that I bought for 50cents in Japan.

My daughter likes it, and I think she'll get a good use out of it than just sitting in my closet.

I just loved this contest!!!
I love upcycling to begin with, and this contest gave me a motivation.
There're so many good materials hidden in a non-wearable garments, and upcycling brings it out!

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