October 22, 2011

McCall 6069

Recently I watched a Japanese TV show recommended by my mom.
It's about a 30-year-old mom, who's too busy to dress up, decides to become a model after being turned down by her husband.
It was actually a sad show (to me) because they ended up getting a divorce for her to pursue her modeling career.
But watching this TV show kinda motivated me to fix up a bit...
I've been too comfortable wearing baggy clothes. (Even though they're pretty maxi dress, it's just too casual looking)

I had this knit jersey fabric that I bought from www.fabric.com when it was on sale for about $3/yd.
I was planning to make another comfy shirt with it, but decided to make it into a nice dress, and picked McCall 6069.
(It's been awhile since I actually bought a pattern!)

This was a pretty easy pattern, considering how trendy it is.
I love the cowl neck.
Few things I didn't really like were how low the neck is, and the elastic band.
The neck is so low that I need to wear a tanktop underneath.
If you bend down a little bit, you can see down the shirt.
Living in Hawaii and it's so hot, I don't really like layering too much.
And the elastic...
I didn't read the instruction really well, so I probably didn't do it right.
It just don't feel right.

Anyways I still like this style. It makes me want to straighten my back and walk like a model. Haha.
I have another knit, I'm planning to make another one, but this time as a top (since I don't have enough yardage) without an elastic.


  1. Gorgeous fabric. This is a nice pattern. You can raise the neckline a bit to help with the low cowl for your next version.

  2. Love the dress, though that pattern never made my wishlist. And the fabric is great, too! (Especially for that price, LOL).

    Melissa/Squirellypoo @fehrtrade.com has a cool trick for cowls. Just sew a piece of ribbon or self-fabric tube to the bottom edge of the facing of the cowl. Then, when you wear the garment, you slip the tab you added under the bridge of your bra (the part btw the cups at the front).

    Tada! No cami needed.

  3. Thank you for your comments!
    And thank you for the trick, lakaribane! I gotta try that...